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Deep in thought

Deep in thought

Hello, my name is Alexandra Hinojosa, or Alex. Throughout the years I have written poetry and prose. I hope to one day see my works published, but until then my words will be open for all to see on this web page. My passion for writing started at the early age of six, basically as soon as I could read I looked forward to writing my thoughts on with a pen and paper as my tools.


The following works were made during the various phases of my life. The subject of love, hate, pain, fun and silliness are all encompassed here. Some of my prose, I must warn, will take you into the very minds of monsters while others are simply there to make a point or to take you into the world of those who lead ordinary leaves seeking to live extraordinarily.

If any one can relate to any of these poems I’m happy. If they speak to you or if they don’t I’m just glad you have visited my page. I’m open to commentary and suggestions as I am always looking for ways to improve my writing. If you are looking for stories with more substance and reality you can visit my web site ahinojos.wordpress.com where stories I reported for my journalism classes are posted.

Whichever site you choose, I hope you enjoy.


Hello world!

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Hi, My name is Alexandra Hinojosa, but everyone calls me Alex. The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts with those who care to listen. As a journalism major at USC I hope to capture some interesting stories and sites while I’m in and around Los Angeles.